smuntersWe guarantee a stage performance more varied and entertaining than you have ever seen. We will kick you in your earnuts, make you wish you had brought your spare throwin’ panties, embarrass you in front of your parents and make your grannie fall in love again for the first time. Smunty Voje makes grown men cry and bake pink cheesecake muffins. Smunty Voje makes women WANT to iron wrinkled clothes. Smunty Voje makes the fertile crescent fertile again, straightened up that Tower of Pisa and balanced the federal budget. Smunty Voje gets fan mail from Chuck Norris. Every day.

Many stories have been told to explain the existence of Smunty Voje and many artisans and wordsmiths have tried to define it. The lore continue to grow. Below you will find some feasible explanations for this band. If you have a better story, please email it to us and we’ll show it off, if you’re lucky. But you ARE lucky. You know about Smunty Voje.

Smunty Voje is:

Marion Gooding – lead vocals, guitar, keys, crowd raising, general frivolity
Brian Gresh – ridiculous lead guitar, saxaphone, vocals, mechanical engineering
Jim Peery – bass, throw-downs, one-liners, referee, embarrassing situations
Corey Esser – drums, percussion, sticks, woodblocks, smart-ass comments

1. Smunty Voje formed deep beneath the surface of the earth over millions of years, as a result of high temperatures, intense pressure, and rock and roll.
This ancient rock was discovered over a year ago while some men were exploring the deep regions of Hrothgar, an ancient dwarf city known for its mining, excellence in stone-masonry, and heavy metal.
Immediately, these men knew they needed to form a band to harness this new power. Smunty Voje was reborn.

2. Smunty Voje (smun-tee v-oh-dge), is a body of expressive culture, music, dance, legends, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, customs, and so forth and what not. There is a legend that surrounds the uprising of the band itself with the story of a pirate who was born underwater from a drowning prostitute. It is said he used her false teeth to cut his own umbilical cord. As you can see, the stories surrounding the band are just as interesting as the band’s name. It is also the set of practices from which they express their original music, which inspired Pope John II to throw up his fist and shout out, “la roccia รจ stata nata, Amen!”, which translates to “Rock has been born, Amen!”

3. Smunty Voje is an odor so vile that no current words in the english language can describe it accurately.

4. The answer is within you. It is within all of you. Yes, you. You know it.

What does Smunty Voje sound like?

If you’re asking this, it’s because you need to come see a show. Yeah, we play songs you’ve heard before. Only we play them better than you’ve ever heard them before. Yeah, we play originals. Pfffft. Stop trying to categorize the Voje. Just sit back, relax, and get ready to have your socks blown out the back of your pants.
If you’re really interested in shopping Smunty, check out some early scratch tracks we recorded. Only a half dozen tracks? What, you want more? I’m not surprised. We probably have an album’s-worth of originalia but we’ve been busy ROCKING. If you want an album so bad, why don’t YOU record one? Yeah. I thought so.