Hip-hip-hooray for the bagpipe performance we hosted last weekend at the top of the second set. It just goes to show that you never know what manner of stellar entertainment you’ll receive from one Smunty Voje show to the next. Which brings me to this Friday, when we’re unleashing a brand new mashup of epic […]

We’re looking forward to blasting forth upon our home stage this Friday at CJ Moloney’s, 91st and 145th E. Ave. And by “looking forward to” we mean we have been stockpiling weapons of American Rock deep within the Vojo’s secret passages. These ancient smuggler’s caves were entrusted to our care by a secret society of […]

New New New~! And some old tunes untouched for a long long time. Either way, you need to pull up your socks, put your foot down and bring five of your most trusted friends to the Gray Snail tonight around 9 p.m. to get your party on.

Smunty Voje is at it again, this time considering incorporating modern dance collaboration into our already highly cultured and instructive performance art. We’re practicing tonight at the Vojo, so if you happen to be around block, feel free to pop in and say hi. Of course, we’d appreciate it if you would bring some drinks […]

Smunty Voje returns to the Grey Snail tonight, 15 & Peoria, to rock the casbah despite desperate ineffective outrage from the Sharif. So you midtowners have a reason to polish up your vespas and buddies, wax your crash helmets, put on your ornamented armbands, pop your collars and hit Cherry Street tonight. We’ll see you […]

In much the same way that horses were introduced to North America, the Voje is gearing up for a rocking introduction to Fishbonz Tulsa, 61st and Sheridan. Like the New World, the inhabitants are going to be way better off for having had the introduction. Unlike the horses, I hope nobody at Fishbonz attempts to […]

For all those fans who came out to make CJ Moloney’s an impenetrable rock engagement on New Year’s Eve, you’re welcome. To all you who missed it, we didn’t miss you. Facts are cold. But the Voje is keeping warm, even on these coldest winter days, by building musical fires and then stomping them out […]

Come out to CJ Moloney’s in Broken Arrow and hear the Voje on New Year’s Eve! The show begins around 9pm and we will pump your ears full of rock all night long. This is not your Grandma’s new year’s eve party. Be there.

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