Wondering what to do on this Saturday evening? Look no further than Broken Arrow where Smunty Voje is guaranteed to appear, fresh off of their award-winning second nomination for Best Live Stage Performance and first-ever nomination for Best Party Cover Band. Come out and get your eartubes lubed up! Unabashed rock fest begins at 10 […]

Good news, friends. Smunty Voje will be playing an extended set this Friday, July 30, at Harvard Sports Bar, starting at 9. This may be your last time to see The Piffle in action with the Voje, as he has been called to a long-term rock and conga drum summit at the top of Mount […]

Day after that, the world. Come on people, you know it’s going to rain all weekend. You gotta be tired of sitting at your office all week. The lakes are getting rained out tonight. So get offa your fluffy duff and come rock out to some Voje. Not only are we appearing in two locations […]

Voje fans, get up outta your chairs and shake those derrieres up to Bartlesville this Friday for the OK Mozart kickoff event of the year, featuring your very own favorite band, Smunty Voje. There will be food and drink vendors, fireworks, rock and roll and awesome previews of the excellence to come during the 9-day […]

D-fest may be dead for 2010 but V-fest is going into full swing summer mode, starting tonight at CJ Moloney’s. Come out and dance like everybody’s watching….because they will be.

Time to dust off your tutu and get to practicing your Watusi. Smunty Voje once again graces the stage of Harvard Bar tonight with a pocket full of sunshine and an attitude to match. Come on out and taste the rainbow.

Friday night we’ll be at the Gray Snail and Saturday we’ll be at CJ Moloney’s. That’s right, we’re going to personally make sure that your April ends and your May begins with a healthy double dose of incroyable for your aural fixation. Oh yeah, and stay tuned, because Cinco de Mayo is on Wednesday and […]

Get your best jamjams on and prepare to get your noggin imploded. Here’s a little sample of the action, fresh from KMOD studios this morning. Click through to this post to see it. It’s short but that’s all you get before tonight. Oh, and the new live tracks from today’s session, streaming live right here.

In an effort to finally realize the deepest desires of Marconi and Tesla, Smunty Voje will be playing LIVE on KMOD Friday morning! You can click here to listen live on the infranet.
And if that wasn’t enough already, your faithful Smunty has vowed to show up at Moloney’s Friday night as well to rock the […]

Wow, what a great St. Patrick’s Day show. To all you who stayed at Moloney’s all day and night, I don’t know how you did it but I’m glad you did. For all you die-hard Smunty fans, let’s get back on the horse and do it all again tomorrow night! That’s right, Gray Snail get […]

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