Alright, technically it’s not ON Labor Day…it’s on Saturday. But just try finding this standard of musical entertainment anywhere else this weekend! Ya can’t! Come out, get your earnuts kicked in to a few new tunes, and you might even catch a guest appearance by Mach Turtle, fresh off their debut appearance last month with […]

Wondering what to do on this Saturday evening? Look no further than Broken Arrow where Smunty Voje is guaranteed to appear, fresh off of their award-winning second nomination for Best Live Stage Performance and first-ever nomination for Best Party Cover Band. Come out and get your eartubes lubed up! Unabashed rock fest begins at 10 […]

Wow, what a great St. Patrick’s Day show. To all you who stayed at Moloney’s all day and night, I don’t know how you did it but I’m glad you did. For all you die-hard Smunty fans, let’s get back on the horse and do it all again tomorrow night! That’s right, Gray Snail get […]

Hip-hip-hooray for the bagpipe performance we hosted last weekend at the top of the second set. It just goes to show that you never know what manner of stellar entertainment you’ll receive from one Smunty Voje show to the next. Which brings me to this Friday, when we’re unleashing a brand new mashup of epic […]

Come out to CJ Moloney’s in Broken Arrow and hear the Voje on New Year’s Eve! The show begins around 9pm and we will pump your ears full of rock all night long. This is not your Grandma’s new year’s eve party. Be there.