Due to excessive rock and roll, the U.S. Congress requested that Smunty Voje take a short break to allow the American public to regain hearing and let their necks heal. Despite outraged public insistence that Smunty Voje continue to perform non-stop until time or humanity come to an end, the bandmates got together and decided […]

Boo-yaas! Updating the website live from the mother ship at KMOD! They were just giving us crap about the site not having any new info on it. Thanks for the reminder, guys.

Smunty Voje. CJ Moloney’s. New Year’s Eve. You had better hold onto your asshats and prepare for an aural exploder. The Voje is back like you have never seen them before. You probably want to make reservations. This will be the party of the year.

Wondering what to do on this Saturday evening? Look no further than Broken Arrow where Smunty Voje is guaranteed to appear, fresh off of their award-winning second nomination for Best Live Stage Performance and first-ever nomination for Best Party Cover Band. Come out and get your eartubes lubed up! Unabashed rock fest begins at 10 […]

For all those fans who came out to make CJ Moloney’s an impenetrable rock engagement on New Year’s Eve, you’re welcome. To all you who missed it, we didn’t miss you. Facts are cold. But the Voje is keeping warm, even on these coldest winter days, by building musical fires and then stomping them out […]