Image-Joint-SessionDue to excessive rock and roll, the U.S. Congress requested that Smunty Voje take a short break to allow the American public to regain hearing and let their necks heal. Despite outraged public insistence that Smunty Voje continue to perform non-stop until time or humanity come to an end, the bandmates got together and decided that in order to preserve the earth from being rocked into space debris, it would be necessary to send Brian Gresh on a North American Tour with Queen Extravaganza.
Brian’s departure to Canada caused several small earthquakes across the South and Midwest, many of which were inaccurately attributed to fracking but the Voje and public officials considered this a positive alternative to the word-wide destruction that would have been likely had the band continued to sway to public demands for more performances.
Smunty Voje will return to the stage once again, however, for Free Tulsa at the end of July. Stay tuned for details!