For all those fans who came out to make CJ Moloney’s an impenetrable rock engagement on New Year’s Eve, you’re welcome. To all you who missed it, we didn’t miss you. Facts are cold. But the Voje is keeping warm, even on these coldest winter days, by building musical fires and then stomping them out onstage for all to see. In the outstanding Smunty tradition and due to poopular demand, we continue to book more shows, so stop in regularly to see what’s going on. Better yet, if you’re really interested in getting latest greatest updates from the band, start using your technology and follow us on Twitter:

A Big THANKS to Promo Dave for filling in last minute and helping us rock the house while Uncle Jim-eye-ma was out of the country devoting himself to writing a hundred songs to help feed impoverished children. Small price to pay to see smiles on those little faces.

Next up, a grueling feat of rock performance at Fishbonz Tulsa on January 15, 2010. There’s a good chance that we may play so well that not all of the band members will survive. But we will fight the good fight nonetheless.