Due to excessive rock and roll, the U.S. Congress requested that Smunty Voje take a short break to allow the American public to regain hearing and let their necks heal. Despite outraged public insistence that Smunty Voje continue to perform non-stop until time or humanity come to an end, the bandmates got together and decided […]

Come get some Smunty Voje at Treehouse and help us send Brian off to the Queen Extravaganza Tour in style. We’re going to be kicking out the tasty jams all night for your musical appreciation and dancing enjoyment. Bowties and suspenders are an optional yet recommended element of your experience.

We be crazy and you be lucky. After a St. Patrick’s Day show where Jim drank poison and Olde Mang demonstrated the effects of C4 on his live form, Smunty Voje is back to cause an earsplosion of epic proportions at Roosters Bar. Live near 103rd/Memorial in South Tulsa? You’re lucky beyond belief. Think you’re […]

Hear ye, hear ye, get thee to 18th and Boston on February 25th for a night of wonder that your friends and relatives will shun you for missing. Downtown asked for Smunt, and the Voje delivereth. No need for a DJ tonight, because we’re going to be kicking in your earnuts all night long the […]

Boo-yaas! Updating the website live from the mother ship at KMOD! They were just giving us crap about the site not having any new info on it. Thanks for the reminder, guys.

Smunty Voje. CJ Moloney’s. New Year’s Eve. You had better hold onto your asshats and prepare for an aural exploder. The Voje is back like you have never seen them before. You probably want to make reservations. This will be the party of the year.

Alright, technically it’s not ON Labor Day…it’s on Saturday. But just try finding this standard of musical entertainment anywhere else this weekend! Ya can’t! Come out, get your earnuts kicked in to a few new tunes, and you might even catch a guest appearance by Mach Turtle, fresh off their debut appearance last month with […]

Is this the end? C.J. Moloney’s. FRIDAY. MARCH 11th. 9 p.m. ’til we stop. You think you know the Voje? You don’t know shit, Lebowski.

Bewaaaaaaaare…. Bewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare…. Smunty Voje has costumed itself in the holiday style and awaits your dancing feet at CJ’s, where the rock and roll dance music will flow like the fruit of the vine. This will be the scariest smuntfest this side of Halloween.

That’s right, Voje-heads. Tonight we have an extra special surprise for you, as we welcome to the stage Mr. Bryan Jewett, who will be sharing the light of night with us. There’s also going to be a special birthday in the house, so bring your dancing shoes and get ready to get down to the […]

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